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Monday, July 18, 2005

Blog temporarily(?) moved...

While I try to figure out which type of blog I wish to write in, I am trying out a new blog to see how I like it.

Hope you visit :-).


Saturday, July 16, 2005

Sorting out the work front

*sigh* just when we thought things were sweet and all we had to worry about was me settling into my new nursing role, a spanner gets thrown into the works.

My husband (P) had previously applied to transfer to the RAAF in his current job as a Diesel Mechanic. He found out on Friday, it was declined. The reason given was that they only had 2 positions to offer inter-service transfers, and he didn't get either of them. This left us feeling quite upset, as we both have had enough of living in Townsville, and P has had enough of his current Unit. As P has had an application previously declined to transfer to South Australia, we now feel the only thing left is to discharge.

So, here is the plan:

P is going to find out how many weeks holiday he has owing (he thinks it will be about 5 by December) and will apply to take all of those holidays from around 12th December. He is also applying to take his Long Service Leave for 6mths @ half-pay straight after his holidays finish, ending approx. 30th June. He will also put in his discharge to be effective the same day his LSL finishes. With all of that, he will be finished at his current Unit around 12th Dec and we will move sometime during that week.

We have also begun discussing our options for work with some friends - one friend in Wodonga works for Tenix, the civilian contractor who works on all of the Defence vehicles in Wodonga. They are looking for people, and although the pay would be about $16,000 p.a. less, they work a 4 day week (Mon-Thurs) and get overtime if they have to work on the Friday. If he really, really wanted to, he could probably find work for the Friday - but I don't think he is interested in extra jobs at this stage.

I have yet to call the four hospitals in Albury/Wodonga to see if they need a Registered Nurse, but I don't think my getting a job will be an issue :P.

But the crux of it all is - no matter what happens now, we will be moving - most likely at the end of the year.


Thursday, July 14, 2005

Bit slack...

Been a bit lax of late - and the reason is....

We have a new desktop!! woohoo. It is a beauty - but, with the $ we spent, I will have to keep my mouth shut for a long time about another :D.

The specs:

Intel P4 - 3.0GHz/800/1M LGA 775 HyperThreading CPU
Intel D915 Motherboard
1024GB RAM
200GB SATA 7200rpm 8MB cache HD
Miditower with 500watt power supply & Ducted vent
Samsung DVD+/-RW 16x16*4 Dual Layer Burner
ATI Radeon X600PR 256MB PCI Express
3D, 500watt Stereo speakers with subwoofer
Viewsonic 17" LCD VE710S
Sony 1.44 Meg Floppy Drive
Optical Mouse
Internal 56K modem
Internal 13 in 1 Card Reader.

ok, I could go into explaining what all of that means, but the short version is this:

It is big, fast and expensive :D

And I do mean BIG....the case is huge!

So, I plan to take a picture of it (note to self: clean desk) and post the pic on here :D....what a dweeb, posting a pic of the computer.:P

Back to playing games :D